Why HarVa

A for profit rural enterprise

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Why HarVa

HarVa means Green for the villages and stands for “Harnessing Value” of rural India. We are a rural start up that primarily focuses on Skill Development, BPO, Community based farming and Microfinance. HarVa aspires for sustainable inclusive growth by creating value in the heart of Rural or Real India. Our model focuses on the vast intellectual and infrastructural capital in the interiors by developing several productive communities that enhance the intrinsic value of villages.

Although the rural “Sustainable Development” mandate has been in place for last several years but there is still no recipe on how to make it happen. HarVa specializes in finding the right approach to achieving maximum social, economic and environmental sustainability through appropriate development in rural India. At the same time, we focus on enhancing the capacity of the villagers who then become HarVa brand ambassadors and implement these sustainable development changes.