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Community based farming

Challenges faced by the Agriculture Industry

  • About 60% of rural population resides in rural areas but agriculture constitutes only 17.8% of India’s GDP.
  • The farming practices are too haphazard and non-scientific and hence need some forethought before implementing new technology.
  • Increase in trade deficit due to lower productivity and consequent import of food commodities.
  • Lack of framer’s inclination to take risk.
  • Financial institution’s inability to provide hassle free and timely delivery of credit to farmers.
  • 50% of the farming community avail credit facilities from private money lenders on high interest rate which result into rural indebtedness.
  • Fragmented land holding in India makes it difficult for farmers to make heavy investment on machinery, labor and fertilizers.
  • Dependence on monsoon for water.

HarVa Solution: Farm To Firm (F & F Model)