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Rural XPO's

The Step Ahead-RURAL XPOs (include BPOs, LPOs, KPOs and MPOs)

Currently, XPO industry is facing challenges in combating key variable like costs, attrition and new destinations like Philippines, China. The advantage that helped India corner a lion share of the outsourcing market is shrinking rapidly. The first step to keep the edge is to start migration of their operation to lower cost destinations and tap the vast pool of cheap rural workforce. It will not only address the issue of diminishing cost arbitrage, higher attrition but also of lost business opportunities due to paucity of qualified people.

HarVa Rural XPO Services

HarVa XPO is a profit making social enterprise in rural areas which caters to urban demand for select services. We have adapted the best practices of Urban XPOs to suit the cultural, social and political environment of villages. We have also partnered with big IT companies to assist us in efficient and cost effective technological solutions. With our competence and world class management team, clients can look forward to venturing into all Rural outsourcing activities.

HarVa XPO Services blends technology and committed professionals into an organization that supports all back and front office outsourcing jobs. We provide our customers with high quality outsourcing solutions at competitive pricing. Our in-house research and experience assists our clients in meeting their important business goals. Their requirements are interpreted in the context of budget, target and efficiency and translated to the perfect outsourcing strategy.

Our outsourcing product gives a twin benefit to the clients in they get to increase profitability while contributing to a social cause. We offer complete services to enterprises across a wide range of platforms and technologies. HarVa excels at providing solutions for business support functions like data processing, software testing, and call center support. In addition to the BPO services listed, we also work closely with our clients to identify their most pressing challenges and devise custom outsourcing solutions to address them. We pride ourselves with the speed with which we respond to our client's needs.