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Micro Finance - HELP

Micro-Finance HELP

HarVa Employee Loan Program (HELP)

We have a unique employee loan program to help our employees meet their short term loan needs. This program is intended to provide loan assistance to employees who have an immediate need for funds as a result of an emergency or inability to obtain a loan from other sources.

Microfinance - Taking money to the underserved poor

  •   350 million Below Poverty Line
  •   95 % have no access to microfinance
  •   36 % people still borrow money from informal sources
  •   70 % don't have any deposit accounts
  •   95 % of the households are without any kind of insurance


A spectrum of micro-lending firms have mushroomed over the past few years but scaling up of these projects and bringing millions of people within the fold of microfinance is no mean task. Some of the key challenges are that the operating costs of providing microcredit are very high because of the small size of loans, the location of clients, and the high level of interaction clients have with MFI staff. Efficiency is a key concern because MFIs require much more staff and administrative efforts per rupee lent than mainstream banks.

HELP to Micro Finance Institutions: Value-added Conduit / Partnership Model

HarVa Advantage to MFIs
  •  Zero cost of acquisition of new customers.
  •  Adopt and implement appropriate regulatory framework for prudential supervision
  •  Actively promote the creation of best practices for MFIs
  •  Risk control capability in managing the end-customers