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Rural BPO

HarVa – Your ideal Outsourcing partner

Choose HarVa for your outsourcing services and get access to the following benefits:

  • Upto 40% operational cost savings
  • Quick turnaround of projects
  • Expert services of HarVa’s data processing professionals
  • Risk free outsourcing experience

1. Data Entry

Does your company spend a large amount of time, effort and money in conducting data entry activities in-house, wasting time that could be spent on anything from lead management to team-building exercises?

What if you could find a partner who could take up your data entry work, saving you the time and money that you can invest in growing your business? Outsourcing data entry services to a company in Rural India might just be the option you are looking for.

HarVa Advantage

  • We have a qualified and focused teams for each of our service areas and this helps us understand and convert that into quality and time-focused output
  • Can handle small amounts of data entry as well as large scale data entry, conversion and processing
  • Our operational teams work with double monitors ensuring less errors and lesser time to do the job
  • Stringent quality control measures in place to double check for quality and errors


Take your pick from the wide range of data entry services that HarVa offers.

  • Data Entry Services
  • Online Data Entry Services
  • Offline Data Entry Services
  • Image Data Entry Services
  • Book Data Entry Services
  • Data Capture Services
  • Data Extraction Services
  • Document Management Systems
  • Copy Paste Services

2. Data Processing

Automatic data processing and information processing are elements which can help you keep pace with the challenges of your business. If your organization is looking for accurate, efficient and fast data processing services, then you have come to the right place.

HarVa Advantage:

  • Get rid of unwanted data and get easy access to relevant data
  • Benefit from accurate data and information
  • Get large volumes of data processed and organized
  • Automate and computerize all your data that is stored on paper documents
  • Benefit from accurate data and information


Take your pick from our data processing services

  • Data processing services
  • Forms processing services
  • Survey processing services

3. Data Conversion

At HarVa, we provide quality data conversion services designed to meet the individual needs of all our clients by identifying your needs and creating services that meet those needs.We can convert you periodicals, reports, journals, catalogs, and financial statements into a richly cohesive set of any specified format. In short, we can help you to store, search and retrieve digital versions of any document — anytime, anywhere

HarVa Advantage:

  • Our team can handle a thousand pages, a million pages, or more – with each document, each word converted consistently, reliably, and within specified timelines
  • We can provide you with a well-honed document conversion process with guaranteed and fully tailored results
  • HarVa’s data conversion processes are scalable to any production level


Take your pick from our data conversion services

  • File conversion services
  • Document conversion services
  • Document digitizing services
  • Data conversion services
  • Electronic data conversion services
  • PDF conversion services
  • XML conversion services
  • Book conversion services
  • Word formatting services
  • HTML conversion services

4. Document Scanning

Document scanning is a process of scanning the paper documents and converting them into image formats. These images can then be stored whilst the bulky paper-work can be purged to save a lot of space. Maintenance and retrieval of this soft copy image format becomes much easier than the conventional paper documents. At HarVa we have technology with the latest scanners and a highly trained workforce. Our document scanning approach is well equipped for both manual data entry as well as high speed OCR/ICR mode of scanning.

HarVa Advantage:

  • Highly cost effective pricing packages
  • Output images in various image formats as well as the image only PDF format
  • Extreme confidentiality and privacy of your sensitive data
  • Highly customized pricing packages as per your scanning requirements
  • Customer service which provides assistance round the clock


Take your pick from our document scanning services

  • Technical Instruction manuals
  • Legal case files
  • Graphic images
  • Handwritten notes

5. Web Research

We provide research support for the following areas keeping in mind your specifications and requirements.

  • Web Research
  • Data Mining
  • Internet Search, Product Research, Market Research, Survey, Analysis
  • Web search and online Form Entry and web-to-web entry
  • Online research and create a Database into Microsoft Office

6. Call Center

  • High Quality
  • Cost Effective
  • Vernacular Services

HarVa provides a range of outsourced telephone services at affordable pricing for even the smallest business.

Reduce CapEx

Reduction in usual outlay costs such as purchasing telephone equipment; ordering additional phones lines; finding additional office space and taking on new staff.


Our rural model gives us advantage to tap the vast pool of talent and reduce the attrition to bare minimum.

Inbound Call Center Service

Outsource your call handling to HarVa and dramatically reduce staffing costs without missing opportunities

  • Answering service is always helpful to increase your business and to advertise your products or services in the market. The well qualified team of professionals takes the messages and provides the information quickly.
  • Customer Care service can assist you in optimizing every customer interaction, from revenue generation through reduced cost-per-contact while maintaining or exceeding current quality levels
  • Order taking service help companies to sell their products or services and attend to calls so that companies don’t loose any of the sales or inbound calls.

Outbound Call Center Service

  • Telemarketing: Boost sales, find prospects, renew or upgrade accounts, generate leads and appointments or promote your products to existing or new clients.
  • Telecollection: Optimize liquidation of portfolio. Our efficient agents can collect and provide information relevant to a line of work, which is not only cost-effective but also saves a great deal of time.
  • Surveys/Lead Generation: Cost effective solution to generate sales leads and handle surveys and help the companies to grow top line and take key business decisions.